Filmed over a year with behind the scenes access to the CPS and West Mercia police, this film follows Senior Crown Prosecutor Eran Cutliffe as she works to build an extraordinarily complex case against a network of people both inside and outside prisons using drone technology to exploit a captive market.

Drugs are big business in prisons. On the inside they can can fetch 4 times their street value and serving time can become a business opportunity for the king pin convicts who rule their prison wings. Although prisoners don’t have access to funds themselves, family members can pay off the debts their drug-addicted loved ones are racking up on the inside. But to prosecute the offenders, police need evidence of who’s involved on the inside and who’s flying the packages in.

This film follows the investigation and prosecution of an astonishingly prolific criminal gang using drones to deliver drugs direct to cell windows at prisons across the UK. Police uncover evidence revealing the precision and frequency of drugs deliveries made by this audacious gang. CCTV footage outside and inside prison helps the Prosecution team to piece together who is involved and establish the role of each person within the conspiracy. How the gang is getting paid for the drugs is a conundrum for Eran and the team but “following the money” eventually yields dividends. With insights behind the scenes at court, we see how deals are made and the tensions between gang members charged together in a conspiracy.

The action is as twisty and gripping as any scripted crime drama

The Sun